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This is every Malitboganon's home on the net ! . . . Where we can converge, sit back and relish fond memories of our home town. Malitbog is a place of breathtaking natural beauty. . .  Where its splendour lies on the smiles of its people.       It is an inner beauty called the Malitbog "spirit" that makes this place so special !                                                            

Come and browse through the photograph collection dating as early as the 1920's to the present. . .  A time capsule of the Malitbog way of life then and now.  Tarnished may be with time but  evident of a glorious past , truly grand as it was !  Please do not forget to check-out the FACES section ! . . . .a page featuring a familiar face each week . . . We may have aged with time, but the smiles are just the same !  The Malitbog Chat Room is such a hit !  Lately, it has been the place to yap and chat 'til we drop . . . A meeting place for old and new friends alike !                                                                    

Whether  you're a  resident, a friend of one or just passing-by, "Malitbog on the net" is just worth the trip !  Here, you will find our town's history and valuable information about the Municipality, the Santo Nino Parish, SNA and  the West Coast based MUSA (Malitbog-USA), an association of Malitboganons in America !

Once again, welcome !  And make yourself at home !

"a place to come home to!"






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