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Santo Nino Parish

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Santo Niño Parish 

Malitbog, Southern Leyte


The town of Malitbog, located along the western shores of Sogod Bay came into existence in the early part of the 19th century.   Two watchtowers or "baluarte," on which the numbers "1820" are inscribed, bear witness to this fact.  However, there is a curious historical account as to the creation of this village.  This is borne by the fact that these two "baluartes" are located not in the center of the present-day town, but in two barrios equidistant from the parish church.  One is found in Brgy. Caaga to the south, and the other is in Brgy. Abgao to the north.

According to local history, these two barangays were ruled by two rival capitanes, the names of whom have been erased from the collective memory of the townspeople.  When the pueblo was later organized by the Spaniards sometime in the middle part of the 19th century, both capitanes, together with their respective villagers, vehemently refused that one or the other be made the pueblo, for each claimed to be more suited than the other.  The controversy dragged on for some time.  Now the word "confusing" in the Bisaya language means makalibog, and when strangers came asking for the "pueblo," people would shake their heads, point their fingers hither and thither, and say, "Makalibog."  Later, with the Leyteños penchant for contracting tongue-twisting words, the place was aptly baptized "Malitbog."

This did not solve the problem of where to locate the "Pueblo," however.  So the Spanish missionaries who often came to visit the two rival barangays, had the solomonic wisdom of fusing the two barangays by building a common church.  Again, this proved to be another problem, because both barangays claimed that the church should be built on their grounds.

Finally, in exasperation, the Spanish friars, thundering the fear of God upon the natives, proclaimed that the church building would be built neither on the the two barangays, but on a site equally distant from the two.  And it was then that in 1857, the present stone and adobe church, through forced labor, was finished to become the house of worship of all Malitboganons.




                                             Fr. Nicolas Balagos de Lazaro       1850-1852

                                             Fr. Tomas Barba Manuel                  1852-1853

                                             Fr. Mamerto Balo                                1853-1857

                                             Fr. Apolinario Marecampo               1857-1860

                                             Fr. Evaristo Ayta                                 1860-1878

                                   Fr. Domingo Bertulfo                         1878-1879

                                             Fr. Servano Gevane                           1879-1880

                                             Fr. Domingo Javier                            1880-1899

                                             Fr. Ruperto Guerrero                        1899-1909

                                             Fr. Hilario Lopez                                 1909-1912

                                             Fr. Leoncio Faelnar                           1912-1914

                                             Fr. Sinforiano Avelino                       1914-1917

                                             Fr. Emeterio Javines                          1917-1925

                                             Fr. Pedro Morfe                                   1925-1929

                                             Fr. Uldarico Villasin                            1929-1931

                                             Fr. Felix Navales                                  1931-1934

                                             Fr. Narciso Codilla                               1934-1939

                                             Fr. Crispin Singson                              1939-1951

                                             Fr. Pacifico Corbete                             1951-1953

                                             Fr. Pascual Quimbo                             1953-1973

                                             Fr. Porfirio Suarez                                 1973-1979

                                             Fr. Felix Paloma                                     1979-1986

                                             Fr. Vicente Lora                                     1986-1992

                                             Fr. Urcisino Luzon                                 1992-1998

                                             Fr. Fermin Wabina                                 1998-present


                            The following priests served Malitbog on an ad interim capacity

                                             Fr. Januario Cordovez                        1921

                                             Fr. Sabino Abrera                                  1926

                                             Fr. Magdaleno Agnis                            1931

                                             Fr. Francisco Palomares                     1934





Birhen sa Carmen

Catholic Women's League

Caballero de San Jose

Children of Mary

Couples for Christ

Inahan sa Kanunayng Panabang

Legion of Mary

Our Lady of Lourdes

Sagrado Corazon de Jesus

Home History Municipality Santo Nino Parish Sto.Nino Academy Malitbog-USA Old Photographs Photos